September 9

Future Foretold
By Doug Dierdorf

Have you ever seen a Fortune Teller Machine? You know… Zoltar… or some variation of either a Sultan or a mysterious woman with a crystal ball. How about the “Magic 8 Ball?” Even as young kids we make paper origami guessing games that you place on your fingers and open up to reveal some statement like “yes” or “in the next few days.” My point is that humans are born with a desire to know the future. We want to know what’s next.

In today’s passage, we see Jesus giving his followers a glimpse of what is to come. He doesn’t sugar coat it, but he also provides hope. As you read this passage from Luke, I pray that you hear the voice of God as He leans in toward you and speaks the words…”I got this.”

Your future is in His hands so if you want to know the future; I suggest you keep pressing into the One who holds it. Don’t seek the future. Seek the One who makes your future and my future even possible. Look to Jesus today. Maybe start by simply thanking Him for what He has already done in your life. Gratitude is always a great place to start.



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