September 6

Pay the Tax Man

by Andy Avalos

Luke 20:20-40

As believers and followers of Jesus whatever we say, whatever we do, is a reflection of how people perceive Jesus. There’s a natural and a spiritual value in everything we do. 
Today, as much as in the days of Jesus, people are constantly seeking to discredit Jesus.  Our actions are constantly being examined by those around us seeking to discredit our faith. In the natural, God has established every government and has established a means in which that government can be sustained.  In the same way,  He has established a way in which the church can be sustained financially as well. God teaches us to obey the laws of the land.   Spiritually speaking, doing what’s right in order to honor God before man keeps us spiritually healthy. Separating what is natural from what is spiritual draws us to a closer walk with Jesus and gives us a discerning spirit that makes us aware that our actions are a reflection of our faith in Jesus Christ and gives value to our testimony.
Pastor Andy

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