September 5

It’s a Party!!!
by Kevin Clark
Matthew 22:1-14

Jilted by His guest, the King not wanting the prepared feast to go to waist invites the most unlikely of guests. The new guests, clothed in the Kings invitation gather for the party. The new party plan seems to be going well when an interloper is discovered. The party crasher stands out among the guest because they do not have the proper attire. Confronted, the intruder responds with silent defiance affirming the offense.
The Host is jilted again by a person clothed by their self-righteousness. It turns out; the invitation came with new clothing. The unlikely guests who were once unworthy are made worthy. Those who were dirty are made clean. Those who were outside are now insiders. Those who had no position are now part of the family.
You have received your invitation. Are you coming to the party?

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