September 4

“A Tale of Two Sons”

Matthew 21:28-32

By David Voight

My children are a true joy…most days.  Just like it was when I was growing up, my kids had daily chores around the house.  It was always nice to have them complete their chores without asking more than once.  My son was the one I had to keep after.  He would, how do you say, get a little “distracted.”  He had all the right intentions but sometimes would just let his responsibilities slip.  But just as kids will be kids, sometimes he would say he was going to do it and just blatantly disobey me.  As a dad, I can relate to Jesus’ words today.

Jesus is speaking to the “righteous” religious leaders.  The parable he uses is one of two sons being asked to go into the vineyard to work.  One says “no” and goes anyway, and the other says “yes” and doesn’t show.  How many of us can relate to this story?  The point that Jesus drives home is that so many times we see the so-called righteous doing God’s work only to realize the hypocrisy behind their intentions.  They are “performing” for man and not “living” for God.  God loved us so much he sent Jesus to bridge the gap between God and us.  His message is for the broken, and we are all broken.  Some of us are just afraid to admit it.  Which son are you today?  Performing for man’s approval or living for God?  God’s approval is just a prayer away.

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