September 30

Only takes One

by: Valery Dierdorf 
Why do you think Luke included these two stories? As an example of what we are to do? Or is there more to see here? Are we to pray for the sick? Sure!  But as we read on, I think we start to see the ‘bigger’ plan of God.
Peter finds this guy named Aeneas who was paralyzed for 80 years! Peter said,  “Jesus Christ heals you. Get up… and immediately he got up. It doesn’t even say he needed physical therapy to build up his strength after his 80 years in bed! Complete! Not a partial or as you go miracle. When the disciples heard that Peter was in Lydda, they sent for him to come to Joppa. He was told of the death of a disciple named Dorcas. She was known for her goodness in helping the poor. He was taken to her room where widows stood around, crying and showing Peter the things she had made. I’m not sure why Peter sent them all out of the room before he prayed, unless he wanted to remove any fear or doubt or maybe just pure obedience to the Lord. It doesn’t say. Yet he prayed, then said, “get up”. The passage says she opened her eyes, saw Peter and sat up. So what are we to draw from these two really great miracles? One in Lydda, and one in Joppa that was recorded. What happened in both towns after each miracle is what I believe is the greater miracle. If we look back at these two stories, we see in both places that revival broke out! All those who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him walking and knew his story and turned to the Lord. When Peter presented Dorcas alive to the believers, especially the widows, it became known all over Joppa, and many people believed in the Lord from that day forward.
People are looking to us and the church saying; “show me the plan for love, grace, men, women, healing, marriage, family, peace, anxiety, hope, trust, anger, deliverance, wisdom, joy, depression and doubt.” Maybe this passage is showing us it only takes one Real Miracle? Are you that miracle that God wants to use in your area of influence? They didn’t become perfect.  They had just felt the hand of God move in their situation. They had a story to tell of how He came into their darkness and brought light. The physically or spiritually dead or handicapped still need a miracle. And I believe He is still a miracle, healing, life giving- City Saving God Today!

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