September 3

Yoda: Meekness and Power
by Kevin Clark
Mark 11:20-33
When we are first introduced to Yoda in the mid-seventies summer blockbuster, he is teaching young Skywalker with words. The strange quips become the lexicon of Lukes training. What remains a mystery is the extent of the little green creatures strength. Soon the power of this little teacher will become fully evident.
Jesus may have still been quite a mystery to His followers. His disciples have heard His powerful and profound teachings, they have seen his merciful healings and even witnessed his gracious miracles, but all that changes when He condemns a tree for not bearing fruit. The next day as they pass the condemned tree, just a mere twenty-four hours after the words were spoken, “it had withered from the roots up.” The nature of the powerful words of Jesus took a profound twist. The power of Jesus, God with us, has ended in words of condemnation.
We enjoy basking in the overwhelming examples of Gods love, it is easy to overlook the righteousness His holiness and glory demands. 

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