September 29

Got to tell somebody!

By: Valery Dierdorf

Acts 9:19-31

Saul was the type of guy, if he really believed something he wouldn’t hide it. He wasn’t afraid of offending someone. He wasn’t going to be a secret Christian. It was so real and he was so full of the truth that had been revealed to him that he could not contain this love. Had he lived nowadays, he might have broken out in, “Praise Will Be My Song—I cannot contain, I cannot contain this love.”

So, this passage tells us as soon as he started feeling good he began to preach in the synagogues and tell everyone Jesus really is the Son of God. Many were like, “Isn’t this the guy that raised havoc over in Jerusalem with those who believed in this Jesus, even taking them as prisoners and killing them?”

Yet Saul became more powerful which really brought a division in the Jews living in Damascus by him proving Jesus was the Messiah to those who would hear. Then Saul learned of a plan of how these Jews were looking to kill him. But his followers helped him escape to Jerusalem. Oh, more fun begins! He wants to join up with the disciples. Can you imagine…let’s be honest! We would have been just as afraid and not trust him. The zebra stripe story I’m sure would be quoted.

But Barnabas took him to the apostles and explained what had happened and how the Lord had spoken to him and how fearlessly he was now preaching of Jesus. So Saul was then able to stay with them and move about freely in Jerusalem speaking boldly in the name of the Lord. He even debated with the Hellenistic Jews which once again put a price on his head. So a new address was in Saul’s future! Caesarea to Tarsus was the new itinerary.

Then in God’s plan, the church in Judea, Galilee and Samaria had a time of increase, peace and strengthened as they lived for the Lord and was encouraged by the Holy Spirit.

In God’s time, He does all things beautiful in His time! He sees so much farther ahead than we ever could. He anoints, He calls, He sets apart, He protects—yet I love that it takes the whole body of believers to have His plans succeed. Serving God is exciting and can be costly far more than being a 007 agent. Because it’s real! And so are the rewards!

Will you accept this mission?

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