September 27

Part of my daily prayer is that God would put someone in my path to share the good news of the gospel, and He usually does. A frequent comment that is usually shared by people is that they don’t understand scripture. I love when people say that. That statement presents the opportunity to share and explain the gospel.


The disciples of Jesus often asked him to explain some of his teachings when they were alone. A family my wife and I visited said that they were confused because too many had shared their opinions and not the gospel. I read them John 15:1-8.  After reading the scripture, I asked them if they had understood the reading.  They replied that it was very clear to them.

In Acts 8:26-40, the Ethiopian eunuch had the word of God in his hands but needed someone to explain to him the meaning of the scripture.  So, God’s Holy Spirit prompts Phillip to go to the eunuch. Scripture tells us that one sows the word of God and another reaps or “leads a person to Jesus”, but God gives the growth. Evangelism is one thing, but a divine appointment is something else. When God leads you to someone, or someone is led to you by the Holy Spirit, it’s because it’s harvest time.  Opinions lead to confusion, but the word of God leads to “salvation” for the word shall not return void!


Blessings – Pastor Andy


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