September 17

Joy is Waiting by Kevin Clark Acts 3:1-11 I had the opportunity this weekend to be in the presence of a man who had recently given his heart to the Lord. He had experienced a level of Christianity, Buddhism and even Islam but this was different. Before, his interaction with spiritual matters was limited to what he was willing to give based on what he desired to receive. The paradigm shift for my new friend came when he gave up. In a fatal moment of despair, in the midst of self-destructive actions, God showed up and miraculously spared his life. At the end of himself, he met Jesus.   In our reading today we meet a man with uncontainable joy. His life moved from despair to hope, from begging to singing. My friend has this same joy. Are you still trying to control your destiny? Are you ready to “let go and let God”? It is up to you. Joy is waiting.

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