September 13

Pay Day!

by Andy Avalos
Having faith is believing in something that we haven’t seen yet.  God tells us that if we don’t have this type of faith, it’s impossible to please Him.
At funerals I have attended, John 14:6 is always shared, but who is really believing that Scripture?  In John 14:1-14, Jesus tries explaining to his disciples, but they’re not grasping the meaning of his words.  It’s always a matter of faith; always believing in what we can’t see.  Not trusting in ourselves but trusting in the words of Jesus.
Life has taught us, or molded us, to trust in our own abilities.  We trust in what we’re able to see with our eyes.  Or we trust what we can grasp or obtain by the work of our hands. The things that we don’t have at that moment we know we can obtain by working. If we work forty hours a week, we know we’ll receive a certain amount for our labor.  In God’s kingdom, our labor is our faith, and our salary is the glory to come. 
Don’t let yourself be troubled.  Jesus said, “believe in God, believe also in me.”  The message of the gospel is simple but it’s complicated by disbelief.  Don’t complicate your faith.  Keep it simple…stay focused on Jesus and on His words.
Pastor Andy

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