September 11

Use it or lose it!

By David Voight
I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase, “you snooze, you lose”.  It refers to missing an opportunity for something great to happen.  Who wouldn’t want to go back in time and invest in that little unknown company that was on the verge of bankruptcy if you knew they would become the first trillion dollar company in the US?  That, of course, is Apple.  Some people took the chance and became financially successful because of their ability to see the potential.
Jesus speaks to us today in Matthew and compares the Kingdom of Heaven to three men who have the opportunity to “use it or lose it.”  The three men have a chance to use the gifts they were given to grow their master’s investment.  Two men are diligent and invest wisely.  The other buries it in the ground and makes excuses why he didn’t use the gift. Sometimes God gives us a little to see how we are going to handle it.  Are we going to use it to grow the Kingdom or bury it and make excuses for not using it?  Jesus makes it very clear in this passage: “Use it or lose it!” 
What gifts (talents) has God entrusted you with to help grow the Kingdom?   God sees your potential and is willing to invest in you.  Don’t waste the chance to live for God and be a part of his plan.

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