Our Story

Where We Came From

Bethel was founded in 1958 by a small group of Christ followers who had a passion for the lost and more specifically children.  One of our founding members was driving behind a school bus as it stopped in front of what is now our property (an agricultural field at the time) and as she watched all the children get off the bus she felt the Spirit of God say to her that this was the place to build.

Where We Are Now

Fast forward 60-plus years and you find a 65,000 sq. ft. debt free campus located in what one of our former pastors called “the heart of hurt” in Bradenton.  While we build upon the foundation laid by our Bethel forefathers, we know God is moving in a new and exciting way and we are grateful for all He is doing.

Where We Are Going

We desire for the Bethel Church campus to be a lighthouse, a refuge, a haven for the broken and hurting…for those in desperate need of a savior!  

We see ourselves as a community center that brings hope to the hopeless.  

We desire to see our campus thriving 7-days a week with transformation power.