October 7

Who are you?
by Kevin Clark
Have you noticed our growing affinity toward labels? Are you gay or straight or a mixture thereof? Does your identity include a hyphen to highlight your cultural heritage or beliefs? Native, European, African, Evangelical, Fundamental, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Independent, Baptist, Pentecostal, Non-affiliated, and the list seems endless. Are you defined by your generation, your profession, your diet, your place of birth, or your hobbies? In a quest to find our unique identity we have created great division and distrust.
In the three verses of this opening passage in Acts 13, we see how the early church united people from a vast variety of backgrounds. A very encouraging picture of unity. Faith in Jesus, in its purest unadulterated form, is unifying. I would hope that we could return to that place of grace, set aside our divisions and embrace our identity in Jesus.

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