October 3

Gangsters Loved
by Michael Dunn
In today’s reading, we see religious people getting mad at Peter for hanging out with a group of people called the Gentiles.
A Gentile was a name given to anyone who was not a Jew. Most Jewish believers thought that God offered salvation only to the Jews simply because God had given His law specifically to them. The Jews were just as broken and imperfect as we are today, and religion can’t save you anymore today than it could back then. Because of our imperfections, we needed someone who was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. That sacrifice would come in the form of a person by the name of Jesus.
I recently read an article about a Christian rap/hip hop artist by the name of Thi’sl. He was recently a victim, who was shot during an attempted robbery. He wrote this article from his hospital bed after the doctor told him that he was going to have a long road to recovery. He said “I’m out here every day breaking my back to save the very dudes that just tried to rob me.” I instantly combatted those thoughts with, “This is the reason why I have to go harder, so these dudes don’t have to do this.” This will not shake me or change the way I view these young men. I still want to see these young men changed.  I still want to see them come to know their creator and experience the saving grace of Jesus!
Thi’sl was sharing the same good news that Peter was sharing. He knows that because of what Jesus did, you can be saved. He has the power to save you no matter where you are from, no matter what you did, or what you’re thinking about doing. Whether Jew, Gentile, or gangster, he died for you! As you read through today’s verses, let Peter’s courage inspire you to share the good news wherever you go! .

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