Plan Your Visit

We couldn’t be more excited that you have chosen to spend your Sunday morning worshiping with us. 

Below you will see a FORM to fill out.  This will let us know a little bit about you and how we can better serve you when you come. 

You have THREE options:

1. Watch Online

Use this LINK to access our online church platform where you can not only watch the Sunday service live but you can also interact with a live group chat as well as request prayer in a private chat room with our online host.

2. Visit in-person without a host 

With this option you simply fill out the FORM and let us know you are coming and if you have any kids coming with you so we can ensure you have everything you need.

3. Visit in-person with a host

If you choose this option on the FORM, a host will be waiting to greet you inside the lobby in our Connect Corner.  The host will help you get settled in, drop off kids at Kids Church or Early Childhood, and stay with you throughout the morning service.  We know how it can be when going anywhere new and we want to make sure all those little issues are not a distraction from the transformation power of God