Can we relate?

Who is David? Can we relate to him today?
by Kevin Clark

David was young when he was tasked with shepherding responsibilities. It was the least desirable position in his family, but birth order determined his lowly station in life. Underestimated by his father and ignored by his older brothers. None the less, he performed his duty with joy and excellence. Cast aside and alone in his work, he learned to rely on God. God used his burgeoning trust to strengthen him, developing bold courage to overcome “giant” obstacles. In his great victory, he became the target of the King’s jealousy and rage. Even when abused and pursued by those in authority over him, homeless, fleeing for his life, he remained a loyal subject, a good friend, a survivor, a problem solver. Through his trials, his faith and skills continued to grow. He became a leader, a warrior, a musician, a poet, a worshipper, a lover of God, a King, and a hero to many.

Can you relate to that? No? He also failed. He made mistakes as a father, he was an unfaithful husband, he betrayed and murdered a faithful friend. But, when confronted with his sin, broken, he responded in humility. That allowed him the restoration with God he desired. He continued to reap both the joy of his success and the consequences of his failures. His life was littered with betrayals, defeats, and grief.
But through the ups and the downs, one thing remained. For he, as God himself declared, had a heart after God. How did he do that? Join us this week as we continue to examine how to have “ears to hear” the voice of God.

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