August 31

The Blessing

People always are accepting or asking for God’s blessings.  Everyone’s aware of God’s goodness because of the blessings they receive, but anointing is something that few seek. 
Samuel anointed both Saul and David with oil signifying that they both would become kings of Israel.  In the Old Testament, anointing is mentioned 20 times; olive oil mixed with specific spices used by the priests to anoint people.  Much like the high priest is the only one to go behind the veil in the tabernacle, so it was with anointing.  Only certain people were anointed, set apart from everyone else for a specific service.
When the woman anointed Jesus with the perfume, she realized and acknowledged His authority.  When Jesus was in the synagogue he read, ” you have anointed me to speak the good news”.   In ministry, when sharing the gospel or leading worship, I always pray for God’s anointing to be on me.  I don’t just want to be a clanging symbol, but want to walk in the authority that we have been given in Jesus Christ.  Don’t only seek God’s blessings, but also His anointing!
Pastor Andy 

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