August 27

The Relentless Widow     

by Valery Dierdorf

Luke 18:1-14

I remember stories of my fourth brother, Richard, getting his first job simply because of his relentless pursuit. Every week, then some weeks every day, he would go ask the manager of the company he wanted to work for if there was an opening yet. Day after day, week after week. Finally, the manager told my mother, “I have to hire your son so he will leave me alone! LOL! He not only was a great worker, but he stayed in that line of work until he retired.

The same is seen in this passage about a relentless widow. Yet, how wonderful it is that the Lord points out if the world will respond to people who are consistent and relentless in their request, how much more and quickly God will bring justice for His children.

 God hears the earnest cry for help. Psalms 34:15 lets us know His eye is on His children and His ear is inclined or attentive to their cry.

What would be different in your life, your home, your neighborhood, schools or even our church, if we would be persistent-relentless-humble–sincere after God’s will in our lives?  See, I don’t want to settle for God’s ‘permissive’ will…I’m after His ‘perfect’ will for my life, my family, my church and my friends.

Guess it’s time to rev up my relentless prayer request and then let God be Lord of all and trust Him to bring the best.

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