August 26

What To Do With The Truth?

By Alana Willey

John 12:37-50

Have you ever tried to tell your side of the story and were not believed? Ever tried to sell a fantastic product, but no one would pause to consider your pitch? Have you ever tried to convince a toddler that a new food was delicious, only to be met with tightly closed lips?

Can you imagine the frustration and hurt Jesus must have felt when, despite His miracles, people still would not believe? What’s more, His message was not simply “His side of the story” or a strong opinion, but the truth. The truth that he was the Messiah. The truth that his lessons were a manual on how to love God and love people. The truth that He was the only way.

Now, think of how disappointing it must have been when some did believe but were too afraid to admit it. Too afraid to lose their social standing and privileges to change their lives and the lives of others.

Thankfully, not everyone who heard Jesus’s message was a cynic or fearful of the opinion of others. For two thousand years, believers have boldly put their trust in Him and shared the light that Jesus ignited. Where would you be if no one had shared their faith with you? Who could you help save if you weren’t afraid?


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