August 23

by Andy Avalos


Most people wonder what will heaven be like…the experience of being in the presence of Jesus. One of my prayer partners told me years ago,” you need to have breakthrough”, and I experienced that breakthrough in my prayer time.

The tabernacle was divided into three sections.  In the first section people would bring their offerings.  The second section was divided by a veil where the priests were allowed to enter, and the third section held the mercy seat and was where the high priest entered to make atonement for the people.  Most people today congregate in the first section and never understand that they can stand before the mercy seat because Jesus made atonement for each one of us by the shedding of his blood on the cross.

I have experienced breakthrough that has allowed me to enter into his presence within myself though my life prayer life. It’s an experience that I hunger for daily and seek it out.  We no longer have to just stand in the outer courts, but we can stand before the mercy seat before the Holy One and feel his presence within us.

Many will not have this experience because they are content just being in the outer courts, but those that hunger and are on fire will seek His presence and experience a bit of heaven in their lives. 


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