August 20

Timing is Everything

By: Valery Dierdorf

John 11:1-36

I remember traveling to Israel and visiting the village of Bethany where Mary, Martha and their brother, Lazarus, lived. Yes, this is also where Lazarus died.

I went there with my brother which made it very interesting in relating to what had happened. I can’t imagine losing one of my brothers. Truthfully, even more, frustrating would be the fact if I knew Jesus, and I knew he could heal him.

Yet the things that jump out at me in this passage are:

  1. From the start, Jesus declared “this is not unto death.” It might have been nice if he would have messaged Martha and Mary or even sent a tweet out to Lazarus himself that said, “ Don’t worry—got you covered, see you in a few days.” His delayed arrival no one certainly could have thought would be good.
  2. Jesus had his own timeline—God’s timing! One area, maybe, we all struggle with. At least, I struggle with from time to time. Yet, it is always the right timing for a greater purpose than we can see at the time.
  3. By waiting, Jesus knew everyone would be absolutely sure Lazarus was dead. May sound harsh but not really. Jesus wasn’t insensitive to the grief, in fact, the passage says; He wept. He knew death was and is still our enemy.
  4. To bring God the glory and show God’s power over death and the grave, He stuck to the plan, even if his own safety was shaky.

In the flesh, it seems that Jesus might have already been thinking of what would be ahead of him in just a few weeks.

And maybe he was also giving Satan a preview of what was to come….just to torment him!

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